2016 Volume 1 Issue 2

2016 Vol. 1 Issue 2


The Greek Pension System: Difficult Road to Reform (pp. 5-10) DOI 10.21868/PGnG.2016.2.1.
Daniel Haitas

“We Need Them, They Need Us, That Is All” – Summary of the EU-Turkey Statement (pp. 11-15) DOI 10.21868/PGnG.2016.2.2.
Petra Agnes Kanyuk

A Crisis in Confidence. Why the EU can be a Force for Positive Change in the Western Balkans? (pp. 16-17) DOI 10.21868/PGnG.2016.2.3.
Vita Terauda

From Formalism to Merit: Civil Service Reform in Romania (pp. 18-21) DOI 10.21868/PGnG.2016.2.4.
Victor Giosan

Decentralization in Eastern Europe: Grab the Moment! (pp. 22-27) DOI 10.21868/PGnG.2016.2.5.
Gábor Péteri

From Handicraft to Local Council: Women Empowerment in Armenia (pp. 28-30) DOI 10.21868/PGnG.2016.2.6.
Liana Aghabekyan

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